Article 2
Ideas for Naturally Cleaning for Coccidia and Giardia

by Pamela Lundgren

Preventative Coccidia and Giardia Treatment

 I am not a Licensed Veterinarian Please take your pet to the vet for any life threatening situation.   The Dietary Supplement Health & Education Act (DSHEA) of 1994 require me to state: "These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease." And are my opinions based on my own research and personal use. 

Please note also that if you are already in a outbreak your pups may need to be seen by a vet this is a preventive treatment and you would know best as to whether your animal needs veterinary care.

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YL ID and Sponsor number 1383291 




Protocol : 

1~Preventitive treatment of a large kennel full of adult dogs for coccidia / and giardia with essential oils. 18 drop clove oil, 18 drop oregano oil, 18 drops of ginger oil, and 18 drops Lemon add 1/4 cup honey to 1 gallon of distilled water give nothing but this water to the adult dogs for 3 days. You will be killing parasites and building up the immune system of your dogs. The cloves will work on any virus viral or blood that may be brewing.. 


2~ if you do not want to make a gallon of this you can put 1 drop of clove 1 drop of oregano 1 drop of lemon 1 drop of ginger  in a capsule and give it three times a day. You can purchase the gelatin capsules at the time you purchase your oils.


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Lemon consists of 68 percent dlimonene, a powerful antioxidant


2~ Start with steam cleaning the kennel it doesn’t matter if you have a kennel in a separate building or a spare bedroom or the kitchen wherever you keep your dogs. Bleach will not kill coccidia... it must be killed by steam  thieves essential oil is what you will need to put in the steamer along with distilled water. 1 drops of thieves per ounce of water per application of water fill up put the thieves in first then the water it will mix better with a hand held steamer.. Please note that this is a win win as far as the steam killing the coccidia, the thieves will also be spread into the air and will kill any airborne germs that might be lifted up and be trying to spread. Be sure you also Steam Clean your birthing boxes, playpens, any thing you have previously used for puppies. 

*Note the dosage for a carpet cleaner I use is 10 drops of thieves and 10 drops of purification per gallon.


3~ You will need to wash all your bedding with very hot water add 10 drops of thieves to a small load of bedding, doggies toys, ect and 15 to a large load. Wash as you normally would take a cloth and add 10 drops the dryer when you dry the load you just washed.


 4~ Diffuse 2 oils during the day alternating between the thieves and purification continue to use these daily in the nursery as a preventative.


5~ Work on building the immune system of small puppies by adding essential oil to their water. This will keep them strong and able to combat the coccidia if they get it. 1 drop of cloves and 1 drop of oregeno and 1 drop of lemon to a water bowl for puppies .




6~ you will need to have the necessary medical supplies such as LRS  and essential oils on hand to treat coccidia at the first sign of out break. If your pups do get coccidia or already have it you will need RC essential oil blend on hand to combat the upper respiratory. Thieves to kill it And Purification will treat the air.


This kit contains all three of these Proprietary blended items.

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7~At the first sign of an outbreak you will need to replace regular drinking water with smart water as it has electrolytes in it.


8~ Make up a super spray that kills germs on contact. 1 drop of thieves per ounce of water. Spray on toys crates ECT when you do your routine cleaning daily.

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This info is your to keep whether you purchase from Young Living Essential Oils or another source .

Feel free to purchase your oils from any source you choose but remember that  the majority of oils are only 5 % essential oil and 95 percent carrier oil such as olive oil and that is not going to solve your coccidia or parasite problem.